Nudge › How: Year-in-Review 2020

Nudge › How: Year-in-Review 2020

For this last post for the year, I wanted to write a wrap-up of sorts. However, I couldn’t figure out how to go about it. There were different ways I could do it, so I decided I’ll do all of them.

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Before it became the teal and white corner of balance on the internet, Nudge › How was called The Nudge by The Polymath. Then, it was Nudge | How and finally, it reached where it is today. On 28th February this year, which feels like the longest time ago in all senses of the phrase, I repainted the Instagram page. This website was ready on the 29th. All else has been history!

For this last post for the year, I wanted to write a wrap-up of sorts. However, I couldn’t figure out how to go about it. There were different ways I could do it, so I decided I’ll do all of them.

The Timeline

Let’s put a date onto everything that felt major enough when it happened.

  • 27th February – The Nudge by The Polymath exists
  • 28th February – Nudge | How + Nudge Twitter + Nudge Instagram
  • 5th April – I post the first Nudge Weekly
  • 5th May – I start Midweek Nudge
  • 26th May – Nudge | How becomes Nudge › How
  • 8th June – Monday Check-ins begin
  • 12th June – The first MixAndMerge sees the light of day
  • 29th June – Quick Nudges begin on Instagram / Tweets on Twitter
  • 9th July – Midweek Nudge reaches 100 subscribers
  • 5th August – Midweek Nudge reaches 200 subscribers
  • 9th August – Instagram Followers Cross 1000
  • 18th August – First Tuesday Tidbits is out
  • 20th August – First Tryout Thursday is posted
  • 20th August – 7-by-7 Schedule begins!
  • 24th September – Midweek Nudge reaches 250 at four months old
  • 2nd October – 100 Instagram Posts
  • 25th November – Midweek Nudge is six months old
  • 25th November – Store is live (need to work more on this)
  • 30th November – Twitter crosses 250 followers
  • 16th December – Midweek Nudge crosses 300 subscribers
  • 28th December – Nudge › How is ten months old

The Numbers

Since every platform has been obsessing with numbers for a new year’s roundup, let’s do the same thing. Here’s a breakdown based on the counts of things! I’ll add the leftover posts and tweets for the year in the totals.

  • 48 Blog Posts
  • 28 Newsletters
  • 2.3k Tweets
  • 267 Twitter Followers
  • 168 Instagram Posts
  • 1512 Instagram Followers
  • 136 Likes on Facebook
  • 175 Quick Nudges
  • 26 Monday Check-ins
  • 16 Tuesday Tidbits
  • 16 Tryout Thursdays
  • 26 MixAndMerge Metaphors
  • 36 Nudge Weeklies
  • 1 Product

I have lots of ideas about where I can take things next year. However, the 7-by-7 thing will always stay because that’s the idea since day one. I want to help people in some way every day!

The Experience

I’m still not very sure of where I’m taking all this. I’m just getting started with all I do on it. My intention for beginning it was to help people with what I knew, and I wanted to do it every day. Slowly, but steadily, I built a pipeline of content.

Over the course of these past few months, most of my life has turned teal. I’m not kidding either. My phone is filled with the teal media that I constantly create, my drawing tablet is a teal colour, my couch is a modular couch with teal, blue and white in it. My Illustrator and Photoshop history looks like a cold blue mess!

It’s been fun. It’s been fun reading more and more, thinking harder, questioning everything, finding ideas et al. I love this process, and I’m glad I can help people in some meaningful way through it. It’s also been this awesome amalgamation of everything I’ve known, practised and studied so far.

To be honest, maintaining everything as a one-person team has not been easy. It’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life. I’d be lying if I said I was always in the best states of mind when creating stuff for Nudge. More often than not, I was working through some issues of my own, and yet, creating content for Nudge was what kept things in check.

Thanks to this little corner on the internet, I met countless people too—numerous like-minded people who have been more than helpful. If you’re reading this, you know who you all are. The Twitter community has become a family at this point. I think that has been the best part: the people.

I feel that’s the biggest reward for doing this so far!

The Gratitude

For the past ten months, I’ve felt so much gratitude for so many things, I couldn’t list them out, but if you’re reading this, please know that I mean it when I say, thank you for everything.

I started Nudge without knowing that a pandemic was about to hit us, and the year was going to become one to go down in history. However, amidst all that, I found something to do every day, and I’m grateful that I was of some use to you. I’ll try my best to keep this up. Thank you for all the support so far!

Also, if you’ve ever sent me a message telling me that a post saved your day or helped you make a decision or just motivated you, in general, please know that you would’ve inadvertently saved my day too.

Knowing that I was of some use on some of the worst days I’ve had this year was the one thing that helped me feel I had something to offer to the world.

For that, for you, and for everyone I’ve met through Nudge › How, I’m grateful!

The Nudge

Thank you.

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