Nudge started as a category on my older blog, The Polymath. The idea was to share what works for me without sounding like an obnoxious prick about it. A more humane approach to self-help, if you may. It worked but with The Polymath getting overcrowded with ideas and nearing its end, I realised I should just give Nudge a new home. This is that home. Here’s Nudge; Here’s How.

With Nudge › How, I’m trying multiple ways to help people get the best advice, wisdom and recommendations from all over the internet along with lessons that I have learned through the course of my own life.

The content on Nudge › How is distributed throughout the social media channels and this website itself. Here’s how you can get a better life starting now with Nudge › How.

  • Nudge Blog: The website itself. There are new posts every Saturday.
  • Nudge Weekly: Social media newsletters that are sent to all channels every Sunday.
  • Monday Check-in: Social Media posts that pose a burning question to you that demands you think about it.
  • Midweek Nudge: The most thoughtful newsletter on the internet sent to all subscribers every Wednesday.
  • Nudge Podcast: It’s a work in progress as of now but should be up and live soon.
  • More ideas in the pipeline. My job is to help you help yourself. If you have any ideas, let me know here.

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