Let's Talk About Your Bounceback Rate

Let’s Talk About Your Bounceback Rate

The Bounceback Rate is the ratio of how many times we get up to how many times we fall down. Often, we underestimate our ability to get back up after an event that renders us helpless. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve gotten up before. So, let’s talk about your Bounceback Rate.

No time? Listen to it instead

Before we begin this post, let me do what I’ve always done on this blog – I apologise for skipping the posts for a while. That’s it, though. This is precisely why I stopped doing self-help last year. You see, when you cannot help yourself, you don’t feel like writing to help others. I don’t know how those who do it right do it, but for me, personally, it feels like lying. Sometimes, even worse. Anyway, now that we’ve made up let’s get straight to the point. Tell me, what’s your bounceback rate? Mine is a hundred per cent.

Bounceback Rate?

I spend a lot of times with ratios and percentages during the day so forgive me if this seems out of the blue. Hear me out, though. The idea of bounceback percentage came to me sometime back when I couldn’t get out of bed for some time. It’s the ratio of the number of times you got up over every situation that felt like the end of the world.

How Did We Get Here?

Ever asked yourself this question? I did one fine morning some three weeks back. I had just had a breakup, everything was going to shit from finances to general mental health, and my right leg hurt like hell. The right leg is the central theme for this year, believe it or not. The pain is almost always there. Then, after an hour or so of just lying there, I got up.

For some inexplicable reason, I did it with a bounce of sorts, and before I knew it, I was there – standing and ready to take on yet another day.

That’s when I realised – every person around me has a bounce-back rate of 1 or a hundred per cent. That’s it. If you’re having a day – no matter how the day is – you bounced back from something. You did so even when you felt like you couldn’t; you did so especially when you felt like you couldn’t.

That is the entire point. Every person has a bounce-back rate of hundred. We always get up. We always have another day. It always feels like the last straw, and yet it never is, and I think that’s beautiful.

A Shift in Perspective

I’ve started looking at days like that since that morning of epiphany. Today, I woke up at 6:00 AM and I wasn’t out of bed till 9:00 AM, and by 9:30 AM it was already a long day, but that didn’t change my bounceback rate. I don’t think yours changed today too. Trust me, it won’t. We’ll both get up every day, and it will always be like it has always been. There’s always another day, and there’s always getting up, eventually.

The Nudge

Something always goes wrong, things happen, and life is generally shit irrespective of what any Mr Sunshine preaches around. It’s the truth. We fall, more than we would want to, and sometimes getting up seems hard. That’s when you do what any sane minded person would do – you look at the data. The data says your bounceback rate is a hundred per cent. The data is never wrong. You can get up today. You’ve done it before. You’ll do it, always.

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