Midweek Nudge #41

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

— Leo Tolstoy

Hi there!

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Patiently Crawling Through Crap

If the lack of consistency didn’t make it obvious enough, I’ve had a tough couple of months. While getting into it isn’t worth the time, I wanted to talk about an epiphany I had recently. Life gives crap to most of us. I mean, what is life if not suffering and whatnot. Yet, we tread on and go through financial scuffles, heartbreaks, loss of loved ones, and often we lose ourselves between juggling from one solution, dowsing one fire to another.

But often, you give it your all, and things don’t seem to be panning out. There’s a limit to the amount of effort each person can apply to solve their problems. Irrespective of how resilient you are, how strong your systems and habits prove to be, you will reach it. Everyone does. Of course, the limit changes and grows over time. We go through adversity to learn to go through adversity better.

When the said limit is reached, however, you’re often out of options. You can’t think of anything else that can fix whatever it is that you’re trying to fix. Everything you’ve tried also doesn’t seem to work. There’s this deadlock where you can’t apply any more effort while the problem stays there, staring you in the face.

Now, you have two courses of action. Both are correct. Either, you let go of it. Some things are unsolvable. In that case, you learn to adapt to whatever changes this unsolvable problem brings to your life. Or, you keep crawling through the crap. This is when you’re being impatient. When you’ve tried solutions, let them play out.

The idea is to wait for it before calling defeat. Things often take months or years to correct their course. It doesn’t mean your solution didn’t work. Often, it means it is working. Applied for a few jobs? Wait to hear from some of them. Suffered a heartbreak? Give it time. You can’t be your older self starting tomorrow. Had an injury or major impact on your health? Take it slow.

No solution we try is a magic pill that will fix our life tomorrow. If you can’t let it go, the key is to keep crawling through the crap.

What’s On My Mind?

While giving others the benefit of the doubt is important to maintain relationships, it’s also essential to only give a limited number of handouts when it comes to those. Most people know exactly what they’re doing when they’re doing it. Kindness should not eat away at peace.

I hope this added some value to your week. Stay safe, stay inspired, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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