Midweek Nudge #59

“Civilization rests on the fact that most people do the right thing most of the time.”

— Dean Koontz

Hi there!

Here’s your gentle nudge to make your week more interesting, thoughtful and productive. You can always talk to me more about these ideas by replying to this email.

What Do You Do It For? 

Some people are in it for the money, some are here for fame, and some for their families. At the same time, some are only here for themselves. The idea is simple: you live a life, you grow, and you improve yourself. That’s what we’re all here for. The question to ask then is: what do you do it for? The answer to this question is what will ensure you stay the course when the going gets tough or when the days are long and cloudy.

This is even true for organisations and companies, so it’s a good call to ask and answer this question with radical honesty if you’re a leader or an aspiring one. It doesn’t matter how ugly the answer is to the public eye. If you’re only in the business to earn money, well, you need to make sure each decision aligns with that point of view. If you’re there to make the lives of your customers better, you have your answer for most conundrums and decisions.

The failure of thought happens when we say something, usually the more accepted answer, and act per the truth ingrained in our head. That creates dissonance. Answering the question with honesty makes you do things right. For example, why do I write this newsletter or create anything at Nudge › How?

If I was radically honest, I do it to help people, but the “I” comes first even in that sentence. I do it for myself first. It keeps me in check. It keeps me growing. It keeps me in touch with the vision of balance in my life. Honestly, I need Nudge › How more than anyone else in the current phase of my life. If people take something from it, that’s an added benefit. 

In admitting that, I can get back up to speed on whatever I do with this platform with more clarity than any other faux vision will fetch me at a discounted price.

What’s On My Mind?

The dilemma that people can change completely versus people just become more of who they are has been on my mind for quite a while. I can’t find a concrete perspective irrespective of how much I read or talk to others about it. Yet.

I hope this added some value to your week. Stay safe, stay inspired, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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