Midweek Nudge #30

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“It could happen. I’m ready. I’ve watched snails climb over ten foot walls and vanish.”

— Charles Bukowski

Hi there!

Here’s your midweek newsletter — a gentle nudge to make your week more interesting, thoughtful and productive.

Make Your Next Second Easier

So many people desire the perfect productivity system. You’ll find countless videos with CEO routines or whatnot on Youtube, countless articles about the perfect morning hustles. You get the idea. However, I find all of that a bit of unrelatable bullshit.

Nothing against those who find value in that. If it helps you, it helps you. That’s the bottom line, but I’ve realised the system that’s perfect for you is the only one where you’re continually making your next second easier.

Let me illustrate that a bit. For example, there’s a common adage with keeping your house clean called “clean as you go”. The idea is simple. If you use something, you keep it back. If you have to wipe the table, you wipe it now. If you have to dust something off, dust it when you see the dust.

If you keep things clean on a short-term, your house becomes cleaner in the long-term. I think you can generalise that by saying: make your next second easier.

For example, if you’re to work out in the morning, make your next second easier by spreading the mat in the morning. If you want to go for a run, make it easier by keeping your clothes ready.

If you continually make your next second easier for every tiny thing you do, you start to see an impossible level of fluidity in everything you do, from habits to tiny chores to deep work.

All you need to do is think about your next second. Then, do a little something now to make it easier.

Your perfect system will soon follow.

Your Peace, Your Responsibility

That’s not a radical idea; it’s a simple one. We often expect peace from the external. Can that pesky coworker stop bothering me? Can my toxic relatives stop their shenanigans and antics? Countless such demands pass through our heads every day, and we expect the world to bend as per us.

However, the bottom line is that you control your own peace. You definitely do not control other people or what they think or do. There will be annoying neighbours, and there will be school bullies, and there will be times you have to be stern with your boundaries or actions to protect your peace.

More often than not, though, none of that is necessary, and you can take a deep breath and say, “you know what, I don’t care.”

To Read: Love Is A Dog From Hell by Charles Bukowski


“Learning to win is hard— any slob can be a good loser.”

This poetry compilation by Charles Bukowski is the first full book of poems I’ve read by him. I loved it because I was looking for a change of pace after reading a lot of philosophy last year. Bukowski is Bukowski. He’s angry, he hates a lot of whatever people do and love, but there’s a truth to his writing that you can’t not appreciate.

That said, you’ll either enjoy this or despise it after the first few poems. I’ll let you be the judge. I hope this brings some change of pace from philosophy, finance, self-help that most newsletters recommend. For this year, I feel I want to double down on the balance aspect of Nudge in every way possible. This recommendation is a step in that direction.

What’s On My Mind?

The idea that closure may not be something we always get but true closure for anything—a relationship, a friendship gone wrong, a job you quit—is unparalleled. We should be grateful if we ever receive a closed-loop in life. It’s not something we always get.

Quick Update on Nudge › How 

Last week on the blog, I wrote about what I call the Ultimate Question. The question is simple and has helped me countless times in my life before. Can I do something about this situation? It seems like an easy question to answer but has profound ramifications on your level of control.

I hope this added some value to your week. Stay safe, stay inspired, and I’ll talk to you next week.