Midweek Nudge #37

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“There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself.”

— Raymond Chandler

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You Know What? Nobody Cares!

 I don’t like to think I’m a great writer. To be honest, I find myself to be rather average. That’s probably because I read enough to know countless people are doing much better work. Even then, I like to think I’ve grown both as a writer and as a person since I first created a public blog back in 2011.

This older website was called The Polymath. A few weeks back, I lost access to it because of some mixup with the passwords and how I configured my AWS account. In any case, I gained access back to it. Then, something amazing happened as I was playing around with archiving the older content even further. The first blog post I ever wrote on that blog, which is riddled with bad grammar, mild profanity, a rather pompous tone and overall, a teenager’s anger, got sent as an email to the entire subscriber list.

After getting a text from a friend at 3 AM, I jumped out of bed, panicked for about fifteen minutes, and wrote an apology. I sent that immediately. I genuinely thought, at least in my post-midnight crisis anxiety, that I’d be laughed at in the morning. I slept prepared for an onslaught of jokes, humour and so on. This was the first time I felt this way since high school, to be honest. In any case, I wrote my apology after I had calmed down enough, so I played it cool in it.

Nothing happened in the morning. A few friends did make a joke here and there, and my brother quoted a line as a joke for a day. Then, poof. The entire conversation and event disappeared. It is now only a good joke that might come up now and then but nothing beyond it.

This made me realise that unless you’re a celebrity facing cancel culture, which is a whole other discussion, no one cares, and that’s a good thing! It means you’re allowed to make mistakes. People are more forgiving than the tiny niche of internet mobs make you feel.

If nothing else, a few people close to me reassured me how that immature blog post resurfacing only shows how far I have come, which felt good. This made me realise that it probably pays to be a bit more dauntless, even if everything we do or say today is documented well. As long as you show true growth, you’re alright.

To Read: Should You Judge This Book by Its Cover? by Julian Baggini


Julian Baggini’s books are filled with light humour and deep philosophical takes on the same page. This book is all about popular sayings and how well they stand in the contemporary context. Baggini makes this an enjoyable read, and if you’re looking to read a tiny book that makes you think further about expressions you use all the time, this could be it. It isn’t a long read either.

What’s On My Mind?

 The idea that everything is a part of our life and nothing is fully our life. For example, a relationship or job is a part of your life. The faster you get this through your head, the easier it becomes to deal with stressful situations. Once you can learn to only give a part of your life its due share of attention and nothing more, life gets simpler.

Quick Update on Nudge › How 

 I talked about three tiny changes I’ve made to my life and how I function which have made me calmer lately on the blog. These are cutting caffeine, sleeping earlier and changing the music I listen to. Overall, I realised that tiny changes often bring out the largest impact, especially when you feel thing slipping.

I hope this added some value to your week. Stay safe, stay inspired, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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