Midweek Nudge #61

“The real freedom of any individual can always be measured by the amount of responsibility which he must assume for his own welfare and security.”

— Robert Welch

Hi there!

Here’s your gentle nudge to make your week more interesting, thoughtful and productive. You can always talk to me more about these ideas by replying to this email.

The Limitations of The Second Brain

For the uninitiated, the idea of the second brain is to build a reliable system that can act as an auxiliary brain for you. This is so you don’t have to remember everything you need to throughout your days. It’s up to you how you make this: to-do lists, calendars, a note-taking system. It doesn’t matter. The idea is simply to make your life easier in this age of information overload.

However, it goes wrong when you forget that the second brain is, in fact, second. It’s supposed to make life easier for you (and your first brain). Most apps, software, or even methods focus too much on the specifics, streaks, numbers, and complexity. The problem? Your focus sways, and now you go into a maintenance mode for this second brain.

There’s no grand idea here. It’s just a nudge to help you remember why you have a to-do list or a calendar in the first place. It’s to make sure you remember what you had to do. If you build your life around them, it won’t work; neither will never remembering anything you read or consume and continually trying to modify your notes.

There’s a limitation with the second brain idea. It takes too much out of your first brain when it’s supposed to do the opposite. A quick rule of thumb is: if a part of your reliable system adds stress, you’re better of without it.

In that case, get rid of the complex note-taking system, the to-do list app, the whatever. Let your first brain be the only brain you have.

What’s On My Mind?

At the end of the day, no matter what has happened or is happening, your mental health and your happiness is your own responsibility. It’s the only thing that affects everything else you do or are a part of. It’s also the most ignored in the name of taking responsibility.

I hope this added some value to your week. Stay safe, stay inspired, and I’ll talk to you next week.


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