The Nudge Schedule

When I started building Nudge › How I decided to go for an approach which I dubbed: Nudge 7-by-7. The idea is to help people in some way, every day.

To get the most out of Nudge › How it’s best if you have some clue of the schedule. Here’s how I’m going to nudge you, when, and where.

Note: Blog posts will either drop on Saturdays or Sundays. If they drop on Sundays, both the Blog Post and the Weekly will drop together.

Why 7-by-7

The reason I decided on this direction was that I realised I’m not always in the mood to accept help or a new point of view every day.

At the same time, there are certain formats that don’t click with me. Some people prefer reading, some prefer visual media, some prefer prompts, and some prefer newsletters.

Nudge › How has something for everyone.

Monday Check-in

When: Mondays

Where: Instagram / Facebook

Monday Check-ins are questions that I send out every week. It’s a cycle of the five W questions which ends with the How. Each question is meant to move you in a healthier, more balanced direction in life. You can choose to just think about it, journal about it, or actually respond on social media.


When: Tuesdays

Where: Instagram / Facebook

#TuesdayTidbits are posters with one-liner affirmations and motivations to urge you into action or reiterate something that is usually forgotten.

These are #MixAndMerge’s visual cousins amidst all that text content that makes the rest of everything.

Midweek Nudge

When: Wednesdays

Where: Website / Your Inbox

Midweek Nudge is Nudge › How’s free newsletter. The idea for the newsletter is to cover concepts and ideas that I don’t usually get to do on the blog or social media.

Midweek Nudge by Nudge › How

Drawing from conversations, life events, and different things I read and consume, I find the best wisdom for you and present it in a long-form newsletter. This is the most value-rich content I create all week. You don’t want to miss this!

Besides that, there’s always a book recommendation in there, and some updates on the blog.

Tryout Thursdays

When: Thursdays

Where: Instagram / Facebook

Tryout Thursdays are actionable ideas, activities and practices that I come across, have tried before or made up myself which help me lead a life with better balance.

You don’t have to follow each practice. Just pick what fits your goals, lifestyle or piques your curiosity and try it out for some time, say, 30 days.

Since all of these activities come from either research or experience, you’ll most likely get some results either long-term or short-term.

If not, it’s a fun experiment, right?


When: Fridays (Discontinued, replaced by Mental Models)

Where: Instagram / Facebook

#MixAndMerge is an idea I’ve applied all my life, and I decided to put it out there. #MixAndMerge says that you can use any concept to make the understanding of another easier.

For example, I used the process of getting coffee from bean to cup to illustrate how learning happens and knowledge is gained.

You gotta see it to believe it, so here goes.

Mental Models

When: Fridays

Where: Instagram / Facebook

Mental Models are a representation of the world using universal and ever-present concepts that most of us understand.

In a lot of ways, #MixAndMerge was Mental Models in disguise but I wanted to start sharing standard ones which were getting difficult to accommodate in the older style and format.

Expect a minimal illustration followed by a crisp explanation every week.

Weekly Intention

When: Saturdays

Where: Instagram

Weekly Intentions are tiny, very important reminders that set an intentional task of mindfulness for the week. Here’s how one looks like.

Long-Form Articles

When: Saturdays / Sundays (Discontinued, replaced by Weekly Intentions & Handbooks)

Where: Website

Long-form articles are how Nudge › How began. This is the pure blog experience that is obviously something I enjoy doing. I pick ideas on the four themes that Nudge tries to balance — productivity, growth, relationships and lifestyle — and I write an article every Saturday.

Articles are still an important part of Nudge › How, and I try my best to find the best hacks, research and sometimes, opinion to provide as much help as I can condense in a usually less than ten-minute read.

P.S. You can also listen to the articles with the widget on each post. This is powered by Amazon’s Polly API which gives a rather conversational voice. Try it now!

The Nudge Summaries

When: Sundays / Sundays (Discontinued, replaced by Weekly Intentions & Handbooks)

Where: Instagram / Facebook

Every article on Nudge › How ends with a section called The Nudge. The Nudge is a small, readable summary of the entire article. This is the takeaway or the tl;dr. It’s up to you how you perceive it.

However, The Nudge Summaries went beyond just the takeaway on social media earlier in 2020. I decided to post a carousel/thread/gallery of all ideas from the article summarised either through small flashcards or graphics.

So, you don’t need to read the articles for the ideas. You can also use the summaries to get a gist of them.

Here is an example of the same.

Nudge Weekly

When: Sundays

Where: Instagram / Facebook

Nudge Weekly was one of the first content-types I started from this schedule. The Weekly is a The Weekly is a Sunday to Sunday, glanceable, swipeable newsletter where I share anything I learn, experience or find cool during the week before it.

Weekly are more towards the recommendation side of things. The idea is to add tips, quotes, music, movies, recipes, games, facts, anecdotes, and everything else. There’s no set content because no two weeks are just the same.

To know more about Nudge Weekly, check the dedicated page out here, or, here’s an example.

Quick Nudges

When: Everyday

Where: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Quick Nudges are tiny pieces of observation, motivation and just pure instant perspective that I post as tweets or posts on Twitter and Facebook, and as stories on Instagram.

Quick Nudges are just tiny reminders that may help you shift the perspective of your day. There are usually four a day but I try to do more on weekends.

Of course, this is 7-by-7 since we’ve just begun. Over time, I’ll keep finding new ways to add value to your life, and I hope I can do that. Perhaps, we may have a 14-by-7 eventually or even more.

The idea is to be there to nudge you in any format that is comfortable to you, on any platform that is comfortable to you. I don’t want to restrict what I share to one platform, website or newsletter.

That’s the mission!