Nudge Weekly

In April 2020, I started the first leg of what is called the Nudge Weekly social newsletter.

The Weekly is a Sunday to Sunday, glanceable, swipeable newsletter where I share anything I learn, experience or find cool during the week before it.

The idea is to add tips, quotes, music, movies, recipes, games, facts, anecdotes, and everything else. There’s no set content because no two weeks are just the same.

The blog stays reserved for the larger, more detailed stuff while the Weekly are tiny nudges or sometimes, just things to tickle your funny bone.

To get a taste of what the Weekly is all about, here, take a look at the first one. While you’re at it, consider following on Instagram, and other social networks, if you aren’t already. The Weekly goes to all three social homes for Nudge.

If you have any ideas for the Weekly or any suggestions, feel free to drop them here, and I insist you do, even if it is a teeny-tiniest suggestion.