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Hi, I'm Deepansh

I'm a writer, blogger, data enthusiast, programmer, and self-taught graphics guy. Above all though, I'm a self-improvement junkie.

My Story: In 2015, a sticker collection I designed was accepted into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While that brought financial independence, it brought another challenge with it. My imposter syndrome destroyed my self-esteem. It was then that I found the best advice on a random Youtube commment: earn it backwards. At 19-years-old, overwhelmed, I decided to configure my life for the long-game. Over the past few years, I've built habits and systems, learned how to learn and think better, become fitter both physically and mentally, built a better lifestyle, and grown as a person.

With Nudge › How, I'm sharing all of that and more as I learn further. Let's grow towards a balanced life, together!

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