Things I Did Not Do In The Past Three Months Or So

Things I Did Not Do In The Past Three Months Or So

Often the narrative for productivity focuses so much on getting things done, we often start to believe that everyone besides us manages to finish everything they pick up. That is far from the truth if you have a regular, balanced life. There will always be leftovers, and that is okay.

No time? Listen to it instead

I think a lot of the productivity narrative that we come across focuses on the completion aspect of doing things. I think that’s natural because most people want to read about how to get things done. However, the other day, it occurred that this skews the idea of what a general, regular life is about, and truth be told, every single productive person I know struggles with productivity sometimes.

So, I decided to share the flip side of my life for the past few months. Instead of sharing what I managed to do in the past months, I wanted to share what I failed to do instead. That’s what this blog post is about.

The Leftovers

While I have accomplished enough of the goals and tasks that I set for myself, there were a few things that went completely off the rails and crashed into the tunnel of “I’ll do that later”.

Most of my days are spent in getting my bare minimum for each day done, helping friends and family or just hanging out with them, content for Nudge, and Slumbering Hollow which is an art project.

Learning Flutter

I began to learn the new application building platform called Flutter. I even had a list of projects I wanted to pick up once I had enough know-how of the thing. However, after a few lessons, I got caught up between different ideas and decided to schedule it later. I never picked up on it.

Course on History

I’ve been doing a two-part course on modern history from Coursera since the past year. I completed part one relatively quickly. However, I’ve been procrastinating on part two for over six months. It has reached the point that I’m not even halfway still. It’s not a demanding course either. It’s just that I always have my hands full with other stuff.

AI for Trading Nanodegree

I began this nanodegree enthusiastically in December. I was so excited that I completed the first module and lesson in a couple of days. Currently, it’s next lesson sits at “29 days ago” on my todo list, and I doubt I’m going to pick it up tonight either. I know I’m going to wrap it up eventually, just not today.

Building My Card Game

I’ve been brainstorming for an idea of a card game since 2019. I know what it is about. I have most of the cards ready too. At least, in concept. I have to begin with the design and playtesting of it, but somehow, it never comes to pass. The one time I asked my friends to playtest it, some of them seemed to be busy. The project has been in development limbo since then. Well, here’s hoping it comes to fruition this year.

Learning the Ukulele

I recently picked the ukulele up and started practising for thirty minutes daily. I haven’t picked it up in two weeks. Most of the past two weeks went in building the Slumbering Hollow store and a short trip for my brother’s birthday. However, that is no excuse, so this is the first thing I’m going to start picking up as soon as I get out of my slow days.

The Nudge Journal

I have an entire print-your-own journal planned in my notebook which I need to build on Adobe Illustrator or something, but I haven’t gotten to it for months. I’m sure putting this out here warrants that I am about to begin working on it soon enough, but as long as it isn’t here, this stays on the list.

Let’s Ask My Friends Patreon Revamp

If you’re not aware, I’m part of a three-person podcast called Let’s Ask My Friends. We just wrapped our first season. The task of revamping our Patreon is on me for ages, and it has been so since ages. I’ve been procrastinating that because there are no patrons on there so in my head, it becomes a low-priority task automatically whenever something else enters.

What’s The Point?

The point isn’t a long or elaborate one. It is merely this: that most people pick things up to do and then leave them midway, resume them later, skip out on them entirely. Even your most productive self cannot do everything you want to do in a day.

Instead, it is essential to cut ourselves some slack and understand that life can happen, that there are more things in your life than just these virtual checkpoints you keep creating for yourself, and that you don’t have to do it all in a day either.

If you pace yourself right, you can accomplish enough of what you want. However, if you believe your favourite blog or productivity guru doesn’t leave projects midway, think again. Even da Vinci left most of what he picked up before he completed it.

So, while productivity is crucial, if you manage to do enough in a day to call it a good one by all standards, don’t fret over the leftovers. You can always do more stuff later. In fact, it is better if your energy is focused on a couple of things until they are in a position for you to leave them for a bit.

The Nudge

Everyone, including the greatest geniuses of all time, couldn’t do everything they wanted to do. You’re not unique in that position, and you’re certainly not alone. The internet and the self-help/growth media we consume makes it look like everyone around us is getting things done all the time, but that is not the case. On most good days, people do enough of what they want but not all they want. It’s important to understand that difference to be okay with every day we live, doing enough and nothing more. Sometimes, our enough can be a bare minimum that keeps us functioning.

Original Featured Photo by Devin Justesen on Unsplash.

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